Software Application Development

Web applications built to meet the specialized needs of our customers

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We can help with Data Extraction, Data Cleansing, Ad hoc Reporting and Data Visualization

CCaR Administration & Support

Our experienced experts work with you to get the most from CCaR

Systems Acquisition Support

Acquisition Program Management, Planning and Analysis support

Financial & Budget Support

Certified DoD Financial Management and Budget Analyst personnel

Contract Reconciliation

Our reconciliation teams ensure documents and contracts are closed without issue

Database Administration

Experienced DBAS ensure your data is secured and accessible to the enterprise

Data Integration

We specialize in integrating commercially available software with government software and services

Software Application Development

Delivering Solutions That Meet Your Unique Business Needs

IDS has a proven track-record of delivering software solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers’ business needs. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of your unique challenges and existing infrastructure to ensure the delivered application enhances the way you do business.

At IDS, we believe that software design is the key to making software that inspires people to use it. Our design process is a focused, collaborative effort that blends creativity and usability to deliver wireframes and detailed designs that show you what the software will look like and how it will work.

Our close collaboration with customers, iterative approach and frequent deliveries effectively incorporate agile development methodologies, white at the same time maintaining a structured DevSecOps process to improve security and adhere to Risk Management principles.

We leverage over 20 years of software development experience to ensure your engagement with IDS delivers on time and within budget. Our experienced development team has successfully delivered numerous solutions including web, mobile, desktop, embedded, back-end and data integration.


Business intelligence & Analytics

Solutions That Allow You to Make Data Driven Decisions

IDS has years of experience helping our customers transform data into meaningful information that drives business decisions. Organizations demand accurate and timely information for their analysts, managers and stakeholders. We offer multiple solutions that can meet this demand including Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Data Cleansing, Self-Service Reporting and Self-Service Dashboards and Visual Analytics.

As more-and-more data becomes available and technologies evolve, we continue to expand our knowledge and skills so that we can provide our customers with the best solutions available. Some of our latest solutions couple in-memory analytics with self-service smart visualizations that allow business users across the organization to explore data, create their own content and discover new insights.

CCaR Administration & Support

Experienced Experts From the Company That Invented CCaR™

As the inventor and developer of the CCaR System, IDS possesses the utmost corporate knowledge, capability, and experience in the industry. Our analysts are not only experts on CCaR, but are familiar with all tools within the customer’s domain. Since CCaR interfaces with many of these systems, our support staff is seen as resident experts for all systems. IDS CCaR Administration support is on the cutting edge of financial, contracting, and program management procedures. We facilitate streamlined processes to all customers that utilize CCaR. The result is a highly efficient organization with clearly mapped business processes and procedures. Our understanding of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process is unmatched, and our ability to apply these processes to the usage of the CCaR System is what sets us apart.

Being the developer and leading support contractor of CCaR, having a long history and successful track record of CCaR support, and providing real time reachback capability to the most expert users in the industry, makes IDS the only choice for CCaR Administration Support.


Systems Acquisition Support

Experienced Support for DoD Systems Acquisition

Our acquisition professionals leverage their experience to support a broad range of customer support and problem. IDS provides comprehensive acquisition services including:

  • Acquisition/Business Advisory Support
  • Requirements Development and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning, Program Assessment and Studies
  • Policy Support
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) Analysis
  • Acquisition Program Risk Management
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Information Technology Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Support
  • DIACAP and NIST Documentation Support
  • ATO/ATC Documentation and Support

Financial & Budget Support

Experienced Financial Experts Supporting the Services and DoD Agencies

For more than a decade IDS has supported a variety of financial and business management systems. Our reputation of technical excellence closely associates our support with applications. In addition to supporting systems, IDS offers complete services in traditional business management areas like finance, budget, and acquisition support. We strive to lead the industry in corporate knowledge when supporting government solutions.

IDS has provided support to a variety of customers within the Air Force, Army, Navy, Joint Services, and other DoD Agencies. Each Customer uses unique business management systems. Our experience has allowed us to gain intimate systems knowledge, which gives us the ability to interpret the data within each of the systems with more accuracy. Through interpretation of this data, we produce knowledge for our customers assisting in the critical analysis of their programs. In most cases our analysis facilitates a streamlining of business processes within their organizations. Customers that utilize IDS finance/budget support applaud our systems knowledge and data analysis capabilities because our support has increased the speed and efficiency in how they manage business.

IDS has worked with several customers to support their Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) and Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Statement of Assurance efforts. We provide support to document day-to-day business operations, develop process narratives & flowcharts, document & validate IT controls, and develop Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).

Systems knowledge coupled with multi-service and DoD agency experience make IDS the clear choice to support your finance, budget, and acquisition offices.


Contract Reconciliation

Attitude, Technology, and Knowledge Make IDS the Best Choice for Contract Reconciliation Support.

IDS provides full service reconciliation support with more than 30 years of on staff experience working with DFAS and Department of Defense Financial Management Offices. Our attitude toward reconciliation is what sets us apart from other companies. IDS is not satisfied reconciling transactions as they enter canceling or expiring years. We are proactive and correct errors from inception which greatly reduces the number of errors as an appropriation reaches a canceling or expiring year. From inception to correction drives IDS reconciliation to be premiere within the industry. The speed at which we reconcile liberates funds that may be used for other critical missions rather than being tied up in an accounting system.

Industry leading toolsets allows IDS to provide powerful reconciliation support through proactive technology. Our toolsets allow us to identify accounting errors before DFAS identifies them. This daily interaction saves time, money, and creates a more accurate position for reporting. Our technology provides the customer with fully auditable tracking of each reconciliation issue. Customers enjoy the visibility and accountability of our support. There is great consistency across IDS teams because of our methodology in applying technology to reconciliation. We identify issues in real time which prohibits a backlog of transactions with no action.

IDS has extensive knowledge of all systems needed to perform reconciliation, along with knowledge of Financial Management Regulations and Federal Acquisitions Regulations. IDS is very selective when hiring reconciliation experts to our team. All Candidates must possess the necessary knowledge to be successful in the field. We have a rigorous training program which ensures each of our team members stay on the leading edge of the industry. Our knowledge propels our approach to reconciliation, which consists of a complete contract baseline, prioritized issues, corrective actions, and follow-up.

Database Administration

Ensuring Your Data is Available, Consistent and Secured

Being an enterprise application development company, IDS has extensive and in-depth knowledge of a number of relational database management systems (RDBMS). Our national team of database administrators represent a breadth of experience and expertise in all areas of database administration. We support small single database deployment for small commercial companies to grand scale enterprise deployments. IDS performs all database administration functions for 41 geographically dispersed Oracle databases hosting our enterprise financial application for the United States Air Force.

Nearly all of the database applications currently being developed by IDS are hosted on Oracle Relational Database Management Systems. Although IDS provides database support on a variety of relational database platforms (Oracle, SQL*Server, Sybase, etc), we are primarily an Oracle shop. As such, our development staff has expert-level familiarity with all of the Oracle development tools, including Oracle Forms and Reports.

The IDS team has decades of experience working with the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Our team includes many individuals with previous experience working directly for Oracle. This experience enables us to stay current with the latest technologies provided by Oracle.


Data Integration

Connecting Disparate Systems & Processes

We have almost two decades of experience integrating systems, data and processes. Whether the solution requires a custom Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process or can leverage an existing Service-oriented architecture (SOA) our experienced team can ensure the project is completed efficiently and effectively. We have implemented solutions using public key infrastructure (PKI) secured web services and Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs that expose system functionality as a service. By modularizing services, we can help you eliminate costly point-to-point integrations with loosely coupled, event driven solutions.

CCaR™ Formal Certification Training

Transfering our Experience and Knowledge to our Customers

IDS offers a formal training program that provides the knowledge and skills needed to be more proficient in the day-to-day usage of the Comprehensive Cost and Requirement (CCaR™) System. Training is role-based, allowing students to focus on job specific areas and the accompanying responsibilities within the CCaR System. IDS also offers a CCaR certification training program for those interested in becoming a Certified CCaR Administrator.

Continuing Professional Education Credits are provided at the completion of each course and will be accepted by professional organizations as self-development/continuing education credits.

If you are interested in registering for any of these CCaR training courses, please email or call us at 310-416-9898.

Course Date Time (PDT) Credits Days Location Status
Program Management TBD 0800-1600 12 2 El Segundo, CA TBD
Financial Management TBD 0800-1600 18 3 El Segundo, CA TBD
Contract Management TBD 0800-1600 6 1 El Segundo, CA TBD
System Administration TBD 0800-1600 18 4 El Segundo, CA TBD